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Home > Products > Capacitors > Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), Supercapacitors

Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), Supercapacitors1236 Products Found

BMOD0165 P048 C01

Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

BMOD0165 P048 C01
Description:CAP 165F 48V CHASSIS MOUNT
Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
Maxwell Technologies, Inc.- For more than 45 years, our world-class research and product development teams have established Maxwell Technologies as a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing energy storage and power delivery solutions for automotive, heavy transportation, renewable energy, backup power, wireless communications and industrial and consumer electronics applications as well as for radiation-hardened microelectronic components and systems for satellites and spacecraft. Maxwell products are designed and built to provide failure-free performance for the life of the most demanding applications.
BMOD0165 P048 C01 Image
BCAP0025 P270 T01 Image
HB0830-2R5605-R Image
PHB-5R0V305-R Image
PAS1030LN2R7905 Image
DZN-2R5D206T Image
BZ029A124ZAB Image
CDLC202P2R7K04 Image
B49410B2276Q000 Image
  • Part#:B49410B2276Q000
  • Manufacturers:EPCOS
  • Description:CAP 2700F -10% +30% 2.5V CHAS MT
  • In Stock:7147
S301RP128R2R7W Image
  • Part#:S301RP128R2R7W
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP 1200F 0% 2.7V CHASSIS MOUNT
  • In Stock:7034
BZ154B473ZNB Image
ESHSR-0010C0-002R7 Image
DMF3Z5R5H474M3DTA0 Image
JUMT1474MED Image
  • Part#:JUMT1474MED
  • Manufacturers:Nichicon
  • Description:CAP 470MF 20% 2.7V THROUGH HOLE
  • In Stock:86012
MAL219691114E3 Image
SCMR14L334MRBB0 Image
BCAP0650 P270 K05 Image
ESHSP-3500C0-002R7 Image
PM-5R0V474-R Image
FR0H223ZF Image
  • Part#:FR0H223ZF
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP 22MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/H
  • In Stock:37042
PAS1840LA2R3566 Image
CPH3225A-2K Image
EEC-RF0H105 Image
BCAP0003 P270 T01 Image
FA0H474ZF Image
  • Part#:FA0H474ZF
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP SUPER .47F 5.5V RADIAL
  • In Stock:14267
B49410B2366Q000 Image
  • Part#:B49410B2366Q000
  • Manufacturers:EPCOS
  • Description:CAP 3600F -10% +30% 2.5V CHAS MT
  • In Stock:7512
TV1635-3R0356-R Image
FMR0H104ZF Image
  • Part#:FMR0H104ZF
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAPACITOR 0.1F 5.5V RADIAL
  • In Stock:39329
S301RV308R2R7W Image
  • Part#:S301RV308R2R7W
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP 3000F 0% 2.7V CHASSIS MOUNT
  • In Stock:7407
PHB-5R0V255-R Image
FA0H224ZF Image
  • Part#:FA0H224ZF
  • Manufacturers:KEMET
  • Description:CAP SUPER .22F 5.5V RADIAL
  • In Stock:26592
SCCR12B105SRB Image
DZ-2R5D106H8T Image
  • Part#:EEC-SE0H224
  • Manufacturers:Panasonic
  • Description:CAP 220MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/H
  • In Stock:221681
EEC-F5R5U224N Image
BZ013A144ZSB Image

Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), Supercapacitors1236 Products Found