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Wire Wrap99 Products Found


Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.

Description:WIRE WW 28AWG ETFE BLACK 150'
Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.
Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.- Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of proto boards, pins terminals and related accessories. Our Vectorbord® products include general purpose pre-punched insulating boards, boards with basic circuit patterns, extender boards and boards for plug-in applications.
Our Vectorpak™ DIN metric 19” rackmount subracks and enclosures systems are available for bus based (VME, cPCI, PXI, STD) electronics packaging and offer a broad range of standard, custom and semi-custom products. Our Vectorpak™ non-metric 19” subrack packaging system offers adjustability and maximum versatility.
W28-6HU Image
R28B-0100 Image
KSW30R-0100 Image
W28-6EU Image
KSW28W-0100 Image
KSW30G-1000 Image
WD-30-TRI Image
30-R-50-010 Image
30-B-50-050 Image
R26R-0100 Image
R30BLK-0100 Image
KSW30Y-1000 Image
KSW26BLK-0100 Image
WD-30-B Image
  • Part#:WD-30-B
  • Manufacturers:Jonard Tools
  • Description:WIRE WW 30AWG PVDF BLUE 50'
  • In Stock:4343
KSW30G-0100 Image
R28R-0100 Image
R-30Y-0050 Image
W28-6H Image
KSW30W-1000 Image
KSW30R-1000 Image
KSW24W-0100 Image
R-30W-0050 Image
KSW30B-0100 Image
R30R-1000 Image
R30G-0100 Image
R24R-0100 Image
R26B-0100 Image
R-30-TRI Image
  • Part#:R-30-TRI
  • Manufacturers:Jonard Tools
  • Description:WIRE WW 30AWG PVDF MULTIPLE 50'
  • In Stock:4561
WD-30-Y Image
  • Part#:WD-30-Y
  • Manufacturers:Jonard Tools
  • Description:WIRE WW 30AWG PVDF YELLOW 50'
  • In Stock:4420
30-R-50-030 Image
KSW26W-0100 Image
30-R-50-020 Image
W28-6BU Image
R30B-0100 Image
R26W-0100 Image
R28BLK-0100 Image
KSW28B-0100 Image
30-W-50-010 Image
KSW24BLK-0100 Image
KSW30B-1000 Image
30-B-50-030 Image
KSW26B-0100 Image
KSW30BLK-0100 Image
R24W-0100 Image
30-B-50-010 Image
W28-6D Image
W28-6AU Image
30-B-50-020 Image

Wire Wrap99 Products Found